Why Arts?

Arts inspire.

Cultural events and activities bring communities together to celebrate life through music, dance, visual arts and more.

Arts invigorate.

Communities with a rich tapestry of cultural offerings draw tourists and businesses and provide a tremendous economic impact.

Arts heal.

Whether it’s a community in crisis following a natural or man-made disaster, or unfathomable challenges that impact the community, the arts are cathartic, promoting healing and unity.

Arts mean business.


Learn more at www.ShopLocalArtistsWeek.org

The statewide initiative originally was created through the efforts of the Northshore Cultural Economy Coalition in 2017. Read more about that here. 

Our mission

Awareness. Impact. Outreach. Advocacy.

The mission of the Northshore Cultural Economy Coalition is to facilitate growth, development and increased awareness of the cultural economy and its impact by focusing on coalition building, public policy, business support, outreach, advocacy and arts education. Membership is free and open to all cultural economy workers, organizations and businesses.

It’s all about the cultural economy.

What is the cultural economy?

It’s the impact of visual artists, art galleries and museums, musicians and concert venues, actors and theatres, dancers, writers, culinary artists, the film industry, media and more. It’s also the many vendors and businesses that supply the artists with the products and services they need to produce cultural events and products.

It’s the hotels that provide housing for the tourists who come to enjoy the events and to the entertainers who come to perform and their support staff.

It’s the restaurants that provide meals and beverages to the tourists and the residents who enjoy dining out as part of the cultural experience.

It’s the vendors who supply their needs, the many specialty and general supply stores, gas stations, production companies and rental services that provide tables and chairs, linens, serving ware, decorations and so much more to bring festivals and cultural events to life.

The cultural economy is business. Big business. And the Northshore Cultural Economy Coalition brings together the many individuals and businesses, working collectively, to foster its growth and artist support.

Who we are. What we do.

Strengthening communities through the arts.

Northshore Cultural Economy Coaliton is an all-volunteer organization comprised of people who are passionate about the arts and their economic impact.

Our members know that by working together that we can continue to grow the arts and strengthen the community.

If you would like to be a part of this effort, please reach out to us for more information.

Our members:

  • City of Covington
  • City of Mandeville
  • City of Slidell
  • Town of Abita Springs
  • A Taste of Covington/A Taste of Slidell
  • Art of Two Sisters
  • Artists & Causes
  • Ben Bensen III/Graphic Gumbo
  • Cliff Bergeron
  • Kim Bergeron
  • Connie Born/Mardi Gras Mischief Creations
  • Cynthia Boudreaux
  • Aimee Smallwood
  • Alia Casborne
  • Lira Casborne
  • Alex Carollo
  • Charlotte Champagne
  • Sarah Cottrell
  • Peggy DesJardins
  • Carroll Devine, Author
  • Ann Duvic
  • Edge of the Lake Magazine
  • The English Tea Room Eatery/Tim and Jan Lantrip
  • John Fridge, Artist
  • Carol Hallock/Carol Hallock Fine Art
  • Patricia Hart, Artist
  • Emile Henriquez, Artist
  • Suzie Hunt, Author
  • Roberta Carrow Jackson
  • George Long Photography, Inc.
  • Kendra Maness
  • Mary Lee, Louisiana State Arts Council Chair
  • Matt Litchliter, Artist
  • Andree Maduell
  • John Perkins, Musician
  • Dawn Riviera, Bayou Web Designs+
  • Laura Saxon/Laura Saxon Fine Art
  • The Northshore Collaborative
  • St. Tammany Art Association
  • Slidell Art League
  • Slidell Magazine
  • The Southern Hotel – Covington